Elaborate bypass of biometric system Reference to prominent security blogger Visual metaphor for hacking Tracing a cellphone Burner phone
Typing with fingerless gloves on Arcade games Air Force Cyber Command Exploit has its own logo Explanation of the acronym "RAT"
Dramatic manipulation of an ethernet cable Mention of Metasploit SHADOWY HAND OVER KEYBOARD "We've been hacked!" "Carders"
Accidentally swapping out "Deep Web" for "Dark Web" Dramatic double-tap of escape key ala social network Brute-forcing a password over the network as a viable attack Obscure hacker "handle" Trace the attacker
Stolen nudie photos Hacker on Rollerblades Serious sounding but made up exploit name Watching glowy bits traverse the series of tubes Crawling through suspended ceiling into datacenter
Easy (p) - Normal (p)- Hard (p)- Impossible (p)